Windows Modifications

Windows can be a helpful addition to any shipping container, especially if natural light is desirable, you will be spending any length of time inside your cargo container when fresh air would be needed, or if you plan to use your container immediately or down the road as a workshop, studio, living space, ground-level office, or shop. 

We typically use 3'x3' dual-pane vinyl sliding windows. We can get you any size or type of window you may need if you have a custom project or have a certain style of window in mind. For added security, bars can be installed as well as corrugated steel shutters to ensure your seatrain against potential break-ins.

Options, Pricing

  4'x3' Dual-Pane Vinyl Sliding Window With Screen  $600
 6'x4' Dual-Pane Vinyl Sliding Window With Screen  $900
 Security Bars on Windows  $100

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