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Refrigerated Storage Containers

Midstate Containers has been selling and renting out refrigerated containers to businesses all across the state of California for well over 15 years. We've worked with organic farmers, wineries, breweries, schools, hospitals, county fairs, meat processing plants, restaurants, and much, much more. See if Midstate has the storage option you've been looking for.

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Mobile Offices & Living Spaces

Mobile offices and living spaces fabricated from shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular, and Midstate has the experience customizing them. From 10' offices for one to 40' container homes built for a family of four, we have what it takes to bring your container dreams into reality. Check out what we can do for you.

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New "One Trip" containers are the best quality units available on the market. These immaculate containers have been used only once when brought over to the United States from Asia. Available in 10', 20', and 40', "One Trippers" will be the soundest, cleanest, and best-looking containers you can find. Check out our inventory and see what we have for you.

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Operating a refrigerated container. Clearance space needed. Internal and external dimensions. Specifications and power requirements. Check out our frequently asked questions page and see if we have the answer you need.


Midstate Containers does not sell or lease containers through third-party apps, unaffiliated websites, or on social media. If someone is selling a container or related product online, such as Facebook Marketplace, and claims to work for Midstate, it may be a scam. Always be vigilant when attempting to purchase online.

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you feel that someone may be impersonating us and is attempting to scam you or other potential customers.

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Learn Your Container Grades

We guarantee our containers for 1 year


"One Trip" containers are the best quality units available on the market. They are called "One Trippers" because they have been used one time in transit between Asia and the United States.


Cargo Worthy IICL is the highest grade within the shipping industry for used containers. Sometimes it is referred to as Premium Grade, and it is the best option if quality is your main concern.


Cargo Worthy-graded containers are units that have been inspected and deemed worthy to be used in international maritime shipping. They have no defects or damage that would threaten its integrity or ability to be used for transporting cargo around the globe.


Wind and Watertight containers are the most common containers available on the market. These are the most economical containers available and are guaranteed to be weather-proof and varmint-proof.


Refurbished containers are used units that are either Wind and Watertight or Cargo Worthy that have been carefully selected and inspected, followed by a good pressure wash inside and out.


As Is units are containers that have been damaged in one way or another. These units are not suitable for stationary storage. They could have major holes in the roof or walls, damaged floors, doors that don't open, or some other form of major structural damage.

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