Vents Modifications

Vents are an excellent way to economically modify your container to allow for more fresh air flow and a lower internal temperature. 

All shipping containers come with small pressure vents at the two ends (about the size of a pack of cigarettes) for breathability, but these do not provide the level of ventilation that some applications may need, especially in hotter-than-average climates. 

Turbine vents and louvre vents are effective method of getting good airflow inside of your cargo container, especially if you will be using it for storing perishable items, heat-sensitive material, or will be utilizing your container as a garage, workshop, or bare-bones office. 

Turbine vents, also known as whirlybird vents, are installed on the roof of the container and spin, thus creating a vacuum inside the container that sucks air out of the container. These vents are ideally paired with a Louvre vent, providing a fresh air access point at one end of the conex container and the suction on the roof, moving clean air in and old air out of the top. 

Louvre vents, also known as side vents, are the most economical and easy way to get extra air flow into your container immediately. Often times customers will purchase two of these vents and place one at each end of the container, positioned diagonally from one another, with one installed low and the other high. This allows a cross breeze to flow from low to high throughout the entire shipping container. 

Options, Pricing

 Louvre Side Vent  $175
 Turbine Vent  $250
 Solar-Powered Roof Vent Fan  $750

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