Insulation Modifications

Why use insulation with your shipping container? Micro-climate control, simply. If you're storing perishable goods or items that may be valuable or expensive, you'll want to have insulation to ensure the longevity of your cargo. Not only is it effective at maintaining the desired internal temperature, but also at tackling condensation, which can lead to rust, mold, and corrosion. 

Midstate Containers uses Rmax Thermasheath-3 insulation. We first install the insulation, then the plywood paneling, and end with a vinyl-wrap finish. This method is popular with residential and contractor use, as well as by individuals looking to build shipping container homes.

Options, Pricing

 Vinyl-Wrapped Plywood, 10'  $3000
 Vinyl-Wrapped Plywood, 20'  $4500
 Vinyl-Wrapped Plywood, 40'  $8000
 Vinyl-Wrapped Plywood, 40' High Cube  $8500
 Vinyl-Wrapped Plywood, 45' High Cube  $9000
 Drywall or Exposed Plywood  +15%

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