Man Doors

Man Doors

Personnel doors or "man doors" come both in a lightweight version as well as a heavy-steel version. The average width is 36" but wider or narrower doors can be custom ordered. Doors can be installed anywhere on your shipping container and add a level of convenience and usability otherwise not found with a storage container. 

All doors come with knobs that lock as well as a deadbolt unless otherwise specified, and can open in-swing or out-swing, left to right or right to left. 

Lock boxes can be installed on a heavy steel man door for additional security. 

We highly recommend a man door when you will be in and out of your cargo container multiple times a day, are using it as a workshop or studio, or when the size of the cargo swing doors are not necessary for the majority of your needs when loading and unloading items out of your seatrain. 

Options, Pricing

 Steel Security Personnel Door, 36"  $950
 Steel Security Personnel Door, 36", Refrigerated Container  $1425
 Steel Security Personnel Door, 48"  $1200
 Steel Security Personnel Door, 48", Refrigerated Container  $1800
Composite Sliding Glass Patio Door, 6'  $2000
 Vinyl Sliding Glass Patio Door, 8', Milgard  $3500
 Composite French Doors, 6'  $4800
 Steel Barn Doors, 8'  $3200
 Butcher Door, 48", Refrigerated Container  $3200