Lock Boxes Modifications

Lock Boxes are pre-fabricated steel rectangular boxes that are welded onto the cargo doors of a container to add an extra level of security. 

All container swing doors have four latches on which you can put a padlock, but most padlocks are susceptible to being breached with bolt cutters. A lock box surrounds the padlock so that no one can get to it with a pair of bolt cutters. 

This is a very affordable and easy way to make it that much more difficult to break into your container. 

Most new "One Trip" containers have lock boxes installed in the factory and we can usually get a lock box installed on a used container in no time. 

We highly recommend purchasing a lock box when your container will be storing expensive items (tools or expensive building supplies), will be in a public location, not on private property, or if you have a neighborhood with high crime levels. Roll Up Door Lock Box

Options, Pricing

 Standard Cargo Door Lock Box  $125
 Steel Man Door Lock Box  $125
 Roll Up Door Lock Box  $175

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