20’ Standard Cargo Worthy Container

20’ Standard Cargo Worthy Container

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Modifications for: 20’ Standard Cargo Worthy Container

Other custom modifications are available, please reach out to us direct for pricing.


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Cargoworthiness is an official certification criterion used by shipping companies to determine whether a container is fit to travel across the ocean for the purpose of transporting freight. A Cargo Worthy-level container passed inspection by a maritime surveyor of the doors, floor, walls, ceiling and is certified of its overall integrity. It is a fully structurally sound, used container that is leakproof and comes with no holes. It can be used in shipping goods overseas and for on-land storage and transportation. Every unit comes with our 1-year warranty against structural defects.

You may see moderate amounts of surface rust, dents, and scratches, as well as an occasional large shipping line decal. In some cases, a Cargo Worthy container’s condition will be no different than a Wind and Watertight container.

Unless a paint modification option is added at checkout, the color of the container cannot be selected. Contact us to color match multiple-unit orders.

For 20-foot-long units with more visual appeal, see our Cargo Worthy Premium and New “One Trip” options. If cargoworthiness and appearance of the container are not of the essence, the Wind and Watertight grade is a great economical option.

Recommended for use in custom modifications.

Dimensions: Width 8ft / Length 20’ / Height 8’6”

Materials: 14-gauge COR-TEN® steel, marine-grade 1 1/8” heavy-duty plywood floors, a single set of cargo swing doors on one end with airtight rubber seals

Payload Capacity: 62,016 lbs

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