Renting and Leasing


Renting a container provides you with a short-term storage solution that is both convenient and affordable. Here is how:

  • Renting a container is significantly cheaper than renting space in a storage facility.

  • Renting a container provides you with much more space than self-storage does. Containers can be up to 8′x40′ (320 square feet) and cost just a fraction compared to a self-storage locker that large.

  • Containers can be located wherever you need them to be located. You can place them in your driveway, on the street, in your back yard, at your job site, in a parking lot, etc.

  • Containers provide very secure storage with it being virtually impossible to easily break an entry.

  • Containers can be rented for as little as 2 months at a time.

  • We bring the container to you. You just have to make a phone call.



At Midstate, we take pride in being a California-local, family owned business that provides a better service than the national, publicly traded “big guys.”

  • Our rental fleet is made up of recently refurbished or new containers that are painted beige and are in excellent condition.

  • Our prices are flat out cheaper than our competitors.

  • Our rental units come in a variety of sizes and custom modifications are also available.

  • We provide quick delivery (within a few days and sometimes same day) while our competition can take weeks to get a container delivered for rent.

  • We rent to both residential and commercial clients.

  • We can move your container while it is on rent if you need to relocate.

  • We have flexible billing options with our rentals.

  • You can purchase a container that you are currently renting at any time.

  • We have a monthly billing cycle while some of our competition has a 28-day billing cycle, charging you an extra month by the end of the year.

Options, Pricing

As we said, renting a container is extremely affordable. Below is a close estimate on pricing. (Base pricing may change slightly depending on location. For more exact pricing information please contact us.)

Dry Storage Containers

 10' Container  $75/month
 20' Container  $90/month
 20' Container, Double Door  $110/month
 20' Container, Open Side  $300/month
 40' Container  $140/month
 40' Container, Double Door



Refrigerated Storage Containers/Miscellaneous

 20' Refrigerated Container  $800/month
 40' Refrigerated Container  $1000/month

 40' Insulated Non-Working Refrigerated Container with 24,000 BTU AC Unit (62 degrees and up)

 Generator  $1750/month
 Chassis (20', 40')  $750/month


Office Containers

 20' Office Container  $350/month
 40' Office Container  $475/month


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