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Midstate Containers - Cargo Storage Containers and Refrigerated Shipping Containers for sale and rent in California. Custom modifications, offices, walk-in coolers available. 

Located in Santa Maria and Stockton, serving San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Kern, Fresno, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Stanislaus, Tulare, Mendocino, Humboldt, Ventura Counties



cargo worthy storage containers

Cargo Worthy graded containers are units that have been inspected and deemed worthy to be used in international maritime shipping. They have no defects are damage that would threaten it's integrity or ability to be used for transporting cargo around the globe.

Practically, this means that these containers are in good shape structurally,  and most of the time are in superior shape cosmetically (due to not having been retired by the shipping lines after 12-15 years of use), and in our experience, this is one of the best options for used containers. 

Should you consider shipping your container overseas at some point down the road, it is paramount that you purchase a Cargo Worthy graded seatrain, which can for a small fee be certified Cargo Worthy at a later time or at the time of purchase for shipping purposes.

We find these units to be the most common unit we sell and much superior than Wind and Watertight if you plan on doing any modifications.